Attorneys play a crucial role in obtaining financial compensation for victims, especially those of sexual abuse. The earlier you hire an attorney, the better. The best time to hire an attorney is immediately after learning that you or a loved one has been victimized by abuse

Beneficial Connections

Attorneys will usually have some history with local law enforcement officials. It is likely criminal authorities will become engaged early. The ability to talk to witnesses and investigate the allegations may be shut down once prosecutors and law enforcement take over. Attorneys who specialize in child sex abuse cases will know the prosecutors who are specifically assigned to the sex crime unit.  These relationships prove to be valuable and increase the chances of being able to work in tandem with one another. 

When the Abuser Hires A Lawyer

Once an individual or organization retains an attorney, the ability to communicate directly with these individuals decreases dramatically. However, there is usually a short window to talk to witnesses, or perhaps even to the perpetrator him/herself. An experienced sexual abuse attorney will have the connections and know the questions to ask before other attorneys become involved.

Early Resolution

Litigation has its own separate set of anxieties. The term “litigation” generally describes the process following the filing of a lawsuit. Early involvement with an experienced attorney may facilitate an early resolution so that a victim and his/her family can get some level of closure and begin to move forward with the resources and an undivided focus on counseling and recovery.