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It is believed that child sexual abuse is the most widespread health problem children across the state face with the most severe array of consequences. In fact, more than 5,800 children are victims of sexual abuse or neglect each year in Missouri. Although so many children endure these traumatic experiences, less than 38% of victims actually come forward to an adult about being abused.

The impacts of sexual abuse on a child are widespread. Many children suffer long-term mental and emotional consequences. It is important that victims understand what legal options they have available, and how long they have to pursue legal actions against the perpetrators of the abuse.


Statute of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse Cases


Although a majority of civil case types in Missouri have a shortened statute of limitations, these limits are expanded in cases surrounding childhood sexual abuse. Generally, once a victim reaches their 18th birthday, they have up to ten years to file a legal claim for childhood sexual abuse. In some cases, victims have three years from the discovery of a physical injury caused by the abuse or after discovering a psychological injury. Though victims have an extended time to file legal claims against their abusers, the longer a victim waits, the more likely it is that evidence will be lost or unusable. For this reason, it can benefit victims to file legal claims as soon as possible.


Statute of Limitations for Adult Sexual Abuse Cases

Adults who experience sexual abuse are guided by the statute of limitations as well, though these cases tend to have a shorter time to file. As of right now, adults who are subjected to sexual assault or battery have up to five years from the date of the event to file a personal injury claim in Missouri.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the abuse you suffered, it can benefit you immensely to work with a reputable sexual abuse attorney in Missouri while moving forward.


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