boys scouts abuse

Sexual Abuse Within the Boy Scouts of America

Over 7,000 Perpetrators It is disturbing that so many incidents of sexual abuse of children have occurred in recent decades, however there is a glimmer of hope that organizations like the Catholic Church are becoming increasingly forthcoming in revealing the episodes and exercising more transparency to avoid future abuse.  Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts of America […]

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best national attorneys

David Mayer Named as a Member of the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel

We are pleased to announce David Mayer has been named as a member of the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel! The mission of the NADC is to objectively recognize the attorneys who elevate the standards of the Bar. In addition, they provide a benchmark for other lawyers to emulate. […]

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sexual abuse law firm

Passing the Trash

What is Passing the Trash? Schools perpetuating sexual misconduct towards children by educators has been, and continues to be, a major problem across the nation. When parents send their children to school, they trust that the school is doing everything they can to keep children safe. Still, schools continue to employ educators with a history of sexual abuse. Often […]

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defective firearm law firm

How to Prevent Firearm Accidents

Every year, children are injured in firearm accidents that happen in the home. These accidents can be deadly and even in cases where everyone survives, they can lead to serious injuries.  Loss of limbs, devastating fractures, damages to vital organs, paralysis and disfigurement can all result from a firearm.  Centerfire weapons, those that fire a […]

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general electric personal injury

Longtime General Electric Employee Dies from Work Related Injuries

Wrongful Death at Work A longtime General Electric employee died a few weeks ago from workplace injuries in Louisville, Kentucky. Steve Herring was working on the refrigeration door line, when he was injured from “a metal fixture that holds foam insulation”. He was taken to the hospital, where he would later die from those injuries. […]

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kansas city catholic church sex abuse

Archdiocese of Kansas City Reveals Sexual Abuse

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City has confirmed 22 substantiated cases of sexual abuse perpetrated by priests or other clerics. None of the 22 men are currently in ministering positions with the church. Some of the allegations are from decades ago. The archdiocese retained a local Kansas City law firm to investigate over 1,000 […]

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kansas city car accident attorneys

Don’t Panic: Here’s What to Do After a Car Accident

Auto accidents are stressful, and it can be hard to remember what to do when it happens to you. Print out your own Auto Accident Pamphlet to keep in your and your loved ones’ vehicles as a handy reference. It contains what to do after an accident, and provides space to record any information you may […]

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Illinois Catholic Church abuse

Illinois Catholic Church failed to disclose abuse accusations against 500 priests and clergy

Another state’s Catholic diocese is in the news. The Illinois Catholic Church publicly listed 185 clergy members who had been credibly accused of child sexual abuse. However, the church failed to identify 500 other priests and clergy members against whom sexual allegations have been made. According to Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s preliminary findings, the church […]

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assume the risk


What Does It Mean To “Assume the Risk” Assumption of Risk in Daily Activities Do you know what it means to “assume the risk” of an activity? Many activities involve an element of risk.  Some are inherent to the activity undertaken such as sky diving.  However, people undertake tasks every day that are less threatening […]

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Bird Scooters in Kansas City

Electric scooter companies, Lime and Bird, experience two fatalities in single month

As more and more scooters are dropped off in cities across the country, the number of injuries, and now deaths, continue to rise. One of the biggest issues is that Lime and Bird riders are prohibited from operating on sidewalks. As a result, customers are forced to operate exclusively on city streets. Further, although these […]

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tree stand law firm

Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month

Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month As summer ends and fall rolls in, it’s that time of the year for hunters to head back into the woods with excitement in anticipation of claiming their next (or for some their first) “trophy.” For most hunters, preparation for a new season requires scouting, strategy, and precision when it […]

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kansas city lawyer selection

What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need?

Are you looking to hire a lawyer? Did you know that not all attorneys are the same? In the medical profession, practice specialties are recognized, and a physician who wishes to focus his practice, can undergo further training and an examination to be certified as a medical specialist. For example, if you break a bone, you […]

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Personal injury lawyers

What Is A Personal Injury Attorney?

In the strictest sense, a personal injury attorney is just as the name says.  An attorney for personal injuries. Within the medical profession, when you have a fractured leg you can see an orthopedic surgeon. This surgeon will have special training and skills to perform exactly the type of surgery needed to set your leg.  […]

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Negligence attorneys

Negligence: What It Is and How to Prove It

Most personal injury cases proceed on a theory of negligence.  Even product liability cases, which have the additional option in most instances of proceeding on what is known as “strict liability”, may also proceed on negligence.  Automobile cases, medical malpractice, slip and fall, dog bite and most other cases are ultimately submitted to juries based […]

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Sexual Abuse law firm in kansas city

Former Missouri police officer criminally charged for sexual abuse after victim comes forward; victim may also pursue a civil claim to recover money.

The charges were filed against John Rollins, age 34, on July 26, 2018 by the prosecuting attorney in Moniteau County. According the Complaint, Rollins abuse of the minor girl spanned “several years” from ages 5 to 13. The court records provide details surrounding the abuse, including allegations that Rollins performed oral sex on the young […]

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