Chances are, that at some point in your working career you will suffer an injury while you are at work. You may have suffered one before or witnessed an accident occur involving someone else. If so, did you take the proper steps afterward? Work related injuries are quite common. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Department reports that in 2016 there were close to 3 million injuries in the workplace! These injuries can be very stressful and lead to even more stressful situations.

While the movies are usually an overly-exaggerated version of real life, this is only partly true when it comes to the lawyer you need to hire for your personal injury case. If you find an attorney who tells you to limp as you enter the court room and pretend you are more injured than you are, this isn’t the best person to represent you.

Product liability lawsuits usually involve injuries that are the result of a product that is defective in some way. These are considered complex  lawsuits requiring special knowledge and experience.    Occasionally, product liability cases are filed as a class action lawsuit, if there were many people who were affected or injured by the product. In some cases, even if the injured party purchased the product “used” or on the grey market, they may have the right to sue.  Many states have special time limits for filing a product liability lawsuit that are geared to the date of original manufacture, not necessarily the date of injury.  These are called “statutes of repose”.  Hence, it is vitally important that you contact an attorney with special experience as soon as possible following an injury inflicted by a dangerous product.  

Right now, more and more of the baby boomer generation are entering their golden years. Thanks to the advances in health care, the life expectancies of these individuals is only going up, which has resulted in the need for nursing home care going up significantly. While most nursing homes and assisted living communities are safe, respectable facilities, there are some that are operated by insufficient staff or staff and caretakers who aren’t properly trained or vetted.

Winter isn’t just coming . . . it has arrived.  Fortunately, unlike those in Westeros for Game of Thrones, there are no White Walkers in the forecast.  But, the onset of freezing temperatures, rain, sleet and snow is very much a Kansas City reality.  Recently, Tim Monsees was interviewed by one of our local Kansas City news stations about the duties and responsibilities of landowners to protect customers and visitors from icy or snowy conditions on sidewalks and parking lots.  Such duties and responsibilities arise under the umbrella of “premises liability”, but the duties of landowners extend well beyond protecting visitors from falls. 

We have all been staggered by the national reaction to the #MeToo movement for women sweeping across the nation.  While some contest the validity of many of the claims that have arisen, few would condone sexual predation against any person.  However, while women are standing up everywhere to raise awareness about sexual predation, there is another class of victims of sexual predation who, by and large, cannot speak for themselves.  Children and the infirm are constant victims of sexual predation and abuse, although few want to talk about the epidemic of abuse that has manifested itself in recent years.  Children are taught to respect and honor adults, and physical size and authoritative positions only add to the disadvantage children face when confronted by sexual advances.

One of the best ways to preserve crucial evidence after a car accident is by taking photographs. After all, it is difficult to dispute the evidence that photographs show. Also, this is something that virtually everyone can do, because of the prevalence of camera phones. However, not all photos will do. You need to use certain tips to help ensure you get the shots you need to help your case.  In all instances, it is important that you first address your personal injuries.  For a host of reasons, it is nearly always best to delegate the responsibility for taking photographs to a friend or relative.

Another year, and another year of painstaking dedication to your clients.  Every year, we resolve cases involving sexual misconduct by church personnel, youth leaders and others in a position of trust, bad faith claims against insurance companies, injuries and deaths due to defective hunting equipment and firearms, negligent personnel in nursing home, elder care and day care facilities, negligent business owners or landowners failing to protect their customers from the hazards of crimes and assaults on the premises, negligent drivers causing injury to motorists and pedestrians alike, bus accidents causing injury to riders, and negligent commercial truck drivers causing injury to unsuspecting victims.

With the holiday season here, everyone is preparing for spending time with friends and family, putting out beautiful holiday decorations, wrapping presents and just enjoying the season. Unfortunately, because of everything going on and the hustle and bustle of the season, the likelihood of accidents and injuries is much higher. Some of the most common injuries and accidents that occur during the holidays can be found here.