It is kind of a shame that we have to designate a month as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Regrettably, sexual assault is nearly a national epidemic.  While not all reported sexual assault is legitimate, it is also true that the vast majority of sexual assaults are never reported.  Hence, while some may question whether all allegations are accurate and properly motivated, as a practical matter, sexual assault is undoubtedly a bigger problem than statistics suggest.

April is National Youth Sports Safety month. Not only does Tim Monsees devote a significant portion of his practice to victims of sporting and recreational injury, he spent over 20 years as a youth coach in baseball. Hence, Tim brings a unique perspective to how to avoid sports injuries and also how to pursue proper compensation for victims. Avoidance of youth sports injuries is all about two factors; proper training and proper equipment. Occasionally the conditions of the playing field, pitch, ice or court are contributory, but far more injuries are a result of poor coaching and inappropriate equipment.

A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse is recognized on April 8th . What a wonderful goal! We may not see such a lofty goal achieved in our lifetimes, but if we don’t work toward that goal, will it ever be achieved? In the United States alone, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys will become victims of sexual abuse. To make matters worse, sexual abuse is one of the most under-reported crimes, so aside from estimates, no one knows for certain how many children fall victim to sexual predators.

While it appears the terms will remain confidential, the family of a 49-year- old woman who was struck and killed by an Uber self-driving car has agreed to a settlement. For more details on crash itself, see our earlier post. Generally, it is uncommon for a settlement to be reached so quickly in a case involving a death. However, the potential “high-profile” nature of this case as it pertains to Uber and the emerging topic of “smart cars”, likely played a key role.

When you get behind the wheel, you are accepting the risk that goes along with this. While you may try to protect yourself by driving larger SUVs or pickup trucks, these are still no match for fully loaded, 80,000-pound tractor trailers. When smaller vehicles are involved in an accident with big rigs, the results can be devastating for both the driver and passengers inside. Even the driver of the large truck may suffer serious injuries.

The debate over gun regulation is one that is likely to continue for months or years to come.  With every mass shooting, especially like recent events in Florida that resulted in the death of 17 school children and adults at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the question of gun regulation surfaces.  Should regulations limit assault-style weapons, such as the AR-15 used in Florida, or large-capacity magazines? 

I have just fallen from my elevated tree stand!  I have just been shot by my hunting partner!  These are two examples of exclamations we never want to hear.  However, even when all due care is exercised by a hunter, one can still be a victim of hunting injury.  Moreover, not all hunting accidents are the fault of another hunter, or even self-inflicted.  Many hunting injuries, some of the most serious and catastrophic variety, are preventable, and can be attributed to either another hunter or to some defect in the hunting product in use.

When construction site accidents occur, there are a host of possible avenues. Some of the most common defendants in these situations include:
  • Co-employees
  • Other Contractors on the site
  • Product manufacturers who may have sold or leased equipment to the job site
  • Landowners or lessees of the property

Chances are, that at some point in your working career you will suffer an injury while you are at work. You may have suffered one before or witnessed an accident occur involving someone else. If so, did you take the proper steps afterward? Work related injuries are quite common. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Department reports that in 2016 there were close to 3 million injuries in the workplace! These injuries can be very stressful and lead to even more stressful situations.