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We, as sexual abuse lawyers, know being sexually assaulted or molested is one of the most difficult and painful experiences a person can endure. Victims deserve to be heard, protected, and advocated for.  Many victims are children, who are  vulnerable to adults that hold authority or trust over them.  Even teenagers are not safe from adults, who victimize them under conditions where they lack the legal capacity to consent to sexual acts.  In such instances, a sexual abuse attorney can hold the abusers- and groups they work within- accountable for these heinous acts.

Civil claims arising from these criminal acts are complex.  A sexual assault lawyer often has to work closely with law enforcement officials to protect the victims.  Confidentiality is just one of the many points to consider in protecting the rights of victims of sexual assault or abuse.  We do not represent the abusers.  We represent only the victims of assault.

Sexual abuse is traumatic for victims and the damage it causes can have long-term effects.  Therefore, victims can and should sue their abusers — and the leaders and organizations that cover up their actions — to the extent allowed by law.  Thankfully, the law allows victims to bring claims against offenders and their organizations and obtain compensation for their injuries and losses, including pain and suffering. Victims and their attorneys know, however, that the emotional scars left from such assaults often far outweigh the physical injuries.

Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other emotional injuries are common and can be horrific.  Unfortunately, emotional injuries are not as visible as physical scars.  It is vital that victims associate with an attorney who has experience working with mental healthcare experts to fully prove the psychological injuries from sexual abuse.  Victims of abuse may require a lifetime of counseling and medication.  They may suffer from torn relationships and ineffective job performance.  Healthcare experts can help explain the full spectrum of problems suffered by such victims, so their assistance is key.

Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse:  A Victim’s Civil Rights

Many victims have questions, but are not yet ready to speak with an attorney. Download our booklet, which goes through the many facets of sexual abuse cases within the civil courts. When you’re ready to consult with an attorney, we’ll be here.

Challenges for Sexual Abuse Victims

Some common challenges in cases of sexual abuse are time limits and adequate insurance coverage to compensate the victims.

  • Time Limits: All types of cases have time limits within which one must file a lawsuit.  These are usually referred to as “statutes of limitation”.  When an abuser injures a child, most states allow the victim to pursue a case after they reach adulthood.  However, application of this rule varies from state-to-state.  In addition, sexual abuse can be such a traumatic event that many victims repress the memory of injury.  Many states, including Missouri, recognize extended time when victims repress memories.  This concept is somewhat unique to sexual abuse cases.  Therefore, only attorneys with experience working within these time limits will give you the best chance for success.
  • Available Insurance: An attorney may be able to obtain insurance funds if an organization knew that an abuser was a threat.  However, many insurance policies eliminate or limit the amount of insurance coverage for this specific type of claim. Hence, it is especially important to work with an attorney with experience sorting through the complex language in insurance policies.  If your attorney cannot guarantee that the guilty party will pay the judgement, then it does no good to win your case.  Luckily, our attorneys know how to collect in addition to knowing how to win.

Experienced and Compassionate Sexual Assault Lawyer

At Monsees & Mayer, P.C., in Kansas City, Missouri, we take sexual abuse cases seriously. As forceful but caring sexual assault lawyers, we have won many significant cases on behalf of abuse victims. The cases are emotionally charged.  The victims may be less than willing to talk about their own tragedy.  Law enforcement may not fully cooperate in civil litigation. The perpetrator may rely on his or her rights to remain silent, further complicating proof of the case.  Nonetheless, our extensive experience includes successes involving:

  • Abuse cases against numerous churches;
  • Abuse committed by clergy members, youth ministers, and camp counselors;
  • Organizations that did not perform proper background checks on staff;
  • Religious organizations that covered up or shielded abusers;
  • Negligent hiring or supervision of sexual predators; and
  • Six-figure and seven-figure settlements on behalf of victims and their families.

By nature, most sexual abuse cases settle confidentially. Most cases depend on the involvement of expert witnesses and the willingness of victims to testify against their abusers. Contact us about finding your sexual abuse attorney today.

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If you are looking for an experienced Kansas City child sexual abuse attorney or experienced sexual abuse lawyers, then contact Monsees & Mayer, P.C. We offer a free, confidential consultation.


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