Every year, millions of men, women, and children across the United States experience some sort of sexual abuse or harassment. Criminal laws in our country are designed to hold wrongdoers accountable for their unlawful conduct by forcing them into prison, requiring them to register as sex offenders, and requiring perpetrators to pay substantial files.

Although criminal cases can help empower victims and help them find some sense of relief, criminal charges do not help to alleviate the long-term consequences victims are forced to endure. Many sex abuse victims are left with mental, physical, and emotional pain and suffering that continues to follow them for years after their incidents occur. For this reason, civil courts allow victims to file legal claims against wrongdoers so they can get justice for their traumatic experiences.

Civil Claims For Sexual Abuse Victims

Victims who experience some form of sexual abuse often go on to suffer some form of mental impairment. Many victims experience depression, anxiety, or have suicidal ideation. Receiving therapy, counseling, and other medical treatment can help victims cope with their pain and suffering and move forward from their traumatic experiences. Although there are many treatment options available, they all come at a substantial cost. For this reason, victims across Missouri seek legal guidance to file civil lawsuits against their perpetrators.

Victims who file legal claims are able to obtain compensation to help alleviate the impacts they face resulting from:

Civil claims can be filed against a perpetrator regardless of whether or not they were criminally convicted for their actions. Working with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Missouri is a victim’s best bet for getting the justice and compensation they deserve.

Parties who Can be Held Liable for Sexual Abuse Damages

Bringing a lawsuit against a person who committed a sexual act against you may not always be realistic. Some insurance companies are reluctant to provide compensation for the intentional misconduct of perpetrators. In some cases, offenders hold positions of trust or authority, which opens up the doors for victims legally. Some perpetrators of sexual abuse include:

  • Daycare providers
  • Eldercare workers
  • Foster parents
  • Educators/teachers
  • Coaches or supporting staff members
  • Nursing home workers
  • Clergy members
  • Physicians
  • Counselors, therapists, or psychologists
  • Police officers

When people of power abuse their position, their employers can be held liable. Employers are required to conduct adequate background checks on employees, especially those charged with the care of others. When companies do not conduct background checks, supervise workers, or act in other negligent ways, they assume liability for the injuries and damages others endure as a result.

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