Typically, people only seek out attorneys around the worst moments in their lives. Whether it be the unexpected death of a loved one, injury caused by gross negligence, or a multitude of other reasons, attorneys most often help guide and protect their clients during their most vulnerable moments.

Finding An Attorney

As such, finding the right attorney is incredibly important. However, time is often of the essence. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for in an attorney.

1. Experience

The attorney should have experience in the area you need. Different attorneys will show expertise in different fields and you want to find the one that will be able to help the most with your claim. Pay close attention to how many years they have been practicing and what percentage of their practice is devoted to handling personal injury claims.

2. Type of Attorney

Whether the attorney is primarily a Plaintiff’s attorney or a Defendant’s attorney is extremely important. Plaintiff’s attorney’s fight on the side of the injured victim(s). You do not want an attorney who has personal injury experience, but who has mainly been a lawyer for the defendants.

3. Rapport

When you hire an attorney you are hiring someone to fight for you. You want an attorney that is easy to get along with, but is willing to be open and honest with you about your case. Beware of the attorneys who offer quick settlements or fast cash. In addition, you should never have to pay for your initial consultation. There are good attorneys out there who offer no cost, no obligation initial consultations.

4. Availability

While some cases may be relatively short, other cases may go on for years before they come to a close. Find an attorney that will be readily available to discuss your case throughout its entirety. Ask prospective attorneys what their procedures are to keep clients informed about ongoing progress of their case. How readily they will be available to answer questions that arise throughout the progression and who will be your point of contact for those questions.

5. Record and References

Find an attorney that has shown that they can win for their clients. Review an attorney’s website to see what kind of case results they have achieved in the past. Search online for any testimonials or previous client reviews. Ask friends and acquaintances if they have any recommendations, or ask other attorneys you may know who they would recommend.

There are no guarantees when it comes to personal injury cases. Choosing the right attorney to represent you is a huge step towards success. Monsees & Mayer, P.C. dedicates 100% of it’s practice to plaintiffs injured due to the negligence of others. Contact us with any questions you may have with regard to your personal injury claim.