One of the best ways to preserve crucial evidence after a car accident is by taking photographs. After all, it is difficult to dispute the evidence that photographs show. Also, this is something that virtually everyone can do, because of the prevalence of camera phones. However, not all photos will do. You need to use certain tips to help ensure you get the shots you need to help your case. In all instances, it is important that you first address your personal injuries. For a host of reasons, it is nearly always best to delegate the responsibility for taking photographs to a friend or relative.

Take Photos, Not Just Video

The first step you need to take after a car accident is to call the police. However, while you are waiting for them to get there, you can begin taking pictures. While it won’t hurt to take a video, photos are better at capturing the smaller details. The investigators who will work on your case will be able to zoom in on the photos to get a full understanding of the small details, such as brake marks on the road, or the tread on the vehicle’s tires. Try to take as many photos as possible, and save them on your device.

Take Both Close and Wide Shots

You need to take pictures of any and everything you may believe will be important to a future crash investigation. This includes any vehicles that were involved, property that was involved, injuries that occurred, marks or defects in the road, street signs, the weather and anything else that may have had a role in causing the crash that occurred. Be sure to take wide-angle shots of the whole scene to capture the setting, and get close ups of any injuries and property damages. The more photos you can take before the police arrive and start to dismantle the scene, the better off you will be.

Take Pictures of anyone Involved

If possible, take photos of all the other drivers and passengers who were involved, in addition to witnesses and bystanders. It also may be a good idea to take pictures of the ambulance, paramedics and police officers. If anyone is taken away on a gurney, take photos of this. If you document who was at the accident scene, it will help you connect witness statements and faces down the road.

When it comes to accident scene photos, you need to make sure you capture the right elements, the right way. These photos can be invaluable if you file a personal injury lawsuit down the road and help you and your attorney negotiate for the settlement you deserve.