Child sexual abuse by close relatives and friends is one of the most confusing and perplexing situations to deal with. Although it is difficult to fully grasp the extent of the problem, the numbers of families affected by sexual abuse are staggering. Studies show that around 9.2% of people are sexually assaulted at some time during their childhood. This amounts to nearly 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys. This traumatic and painful situation has a rippling effect on families. It is important to recognize when sexual abuse occurs and what can be done to address the problem.


What is Child Sex Abuse?

Child sexual abuse can take several forms. Any behavior that is intended to stimulate a child in a sexual manner or to stimulate the perpetrator through the use of a child. This can include showing the child sexually explicit materials or taking photographs or recording videos in a sexual manner. Additionally, talking in a sexual manner to a child is considered abuse as well.

Another form of sexual abuse includes contact by a person who is in an older developmental stage than the affected child. There are instances where children in the same developmental stage experience sexual abuse as well if they are subjected to physical or emotional harm inflected in a sexual manner.


Help for Abused Children

Many children who deal with sexual abuse benefit immensely by seeking the guidance of a therapist. Children can learn coping skills, how to deal with distress, and overcome their traumatic experiences. Although most children never forget these horrendous experiences, there are ways to help children mentally and emotionally cope in a healthy manner.

In addition to counseling, children and their families are able to explore legal options as well. Children and their families can contact law enforcement to have the offender arrested for their actions. Criminal procedures can result in fines, imprisonment, and require abusers to register as sex offenders. In addition to criminal court options, victims and their families can explore civil court options. Victims are able to file personal injury claims against their offenders and obtain compensation to alleviate the costs of medical treatment, therapy, pain and suffering, and more. Working with a personal injury attorney in Missouri will ensure your legal rights are protected moving forward.


Our Team at Monsees & Mayer PC Can Help You

Dealing with the aftermath of being sexually abused is not something victims and their families should have to do alone. Missouri sexual abuse attorneys at Monsees & Mayer PC understand the challenges abuse victims endure as they try to move forward. We strive to protect their legal rights and help them get the justice they deserve. Contact our personal injury law firm in Missouri at (816) 361-5555 to discuss legal options available for you.