For years, the law firm of Monsees & Mayer has provided individuals in the Kansas City area with practical advice and superior representation for personal injury and accident cases resulting from negligence or wrongdoing from another party.

Due to the dedication of the attorneys, and the entire staff, Timothy W. Monsees, a co-founder of the Monsees & Mayer firm, has recently been sought out, interviewed and quoted in an article published by the well-known legal site, Super Lawyers.

This is a huge honor for Mr. Monsees, as well as the entire law firm who is dedicated to providing superior representation to any client seeking representation.

Mr. Monsees provide valuable insight in discussing the dangers of tree stands and the potential for the serious injuries and harm they present. Thanks to his years of practice in this area of law, he has a thorough understanding of the laws regarding hunting-related injury cases, especially in the niche of products liability.

Tim highlights what most product liability cases are built on, as well as the types of tree stands that are most commonly considered the “culprit” in these type of injury cases. He also sheds light on some of the issues within this industry that need to be addressed by manufacturers to help ensure these accidents don’t continue to occur.

Another important aspect of tree stand accidents is the timeline of these types of cases. Due to the complex nature, they often take more time to resolve. This is in large part because of the need for expert witnesses and testimony.

There’s no reason to settle with these manufacturers explains Mr. Monsees. It’s a “close knit community,” which means all the companies sued for faulty products use the same defenses and the same expert witnesses. As a result, firms like Monsees & Mayer, and attorneys, such as Timothy W. Monsees, have the skills and ability to ensure their clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Super Lawyers is a legal website where clients can find lawyers, ask questions, watch videos and get the information needed to make educated decisions regarding their cases and situation. Super Lawyers has gained prestige and notoriety in the industry due to their outstanding ability to provide information and resources for those needing assistance.

The most recent article published by Super Lawyers, featuring Timothy W. Monsees, is an example of how the website’s team seeks out the most knowledgeable attorneys in certain niches to gather the information needed about the specific topic and then share it with those who need legal advice or representation.

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