The increasing focus on sexual abuse of children arising from sordid claims against priests, pastors, Boy Scout Leaders and educators has opened new legal doors to compensate the victims. However, increased attention does not mean an easy path to recovery.

Many victims either do not learn of the ramifications of the sexual abuse until years after the acts. Delays in reporting the sexual abuse of children can cause challenges in navigating time limits that are placed on wrongful acts that happened years or even decades in the past.

These time limits are called the “Statue of Limitations”. Criminal prosecution of a sexual offense against a minor can take place up to 30 years after the victim turns 18. However, Civil Prosecution, your ability to obtain financial compensation for the sexual abuse, is extremely more limited.

It must take place 10 years from the victim’s 18th birthday or within 3 years from the discovery of a physical or psychological injury caused by the abuse. In addition, most modern insurance policies are written in a form to eliminate or limit insurance coverage for victims of sexual abuse. Some states have adopted “look-back windows” for the Statute of Limitations, but it is unclear when or how many additional states follow suit.

Three Hurdles

There are three hurdles one must overcome to successfully pursue any sexual abuse claim:

  1. Proving your case
  2. Placing events in a context that avoids defenses of the statue of limitations
  3. Placing it all in a context that affords insurance coverage.

Hence, you need someone with vast experience in this highly technical field.

We Can Help

Most resolutions of sexual abuse cases are confidential, for the privacy of all those involved, particularly the victim. Accordingly, it is difficult to show Monsees & Mayer’s track record of success for our clients.  We have resolved cases for substantial sums to compensate children and adults from predatory sexual abuse.

Perpetrators are invariably an otherwise trusted acquaintance or person in a position of influence. As top rated Kansas City sexual abuse attorneys, we have handled cases against churches, youth organizations, daycare centers, apartment complexes and schools.

Let us show you how our compassionate and knowledgeable background can aid our family from tragedy to resolution.