The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has been teaching wilderness survival and leadership skills to young men and women since 1910. However, the organization is now facing bankruptcy after recent changes to statute-of-limitations laws allowed many sexual assault victims to come forward and make a claim.

Who is Eligible to Make a Claim?

The Boy Scouts organization is currently facing hundreds—if not thousands—of sexual abuse claims. The deadline to file a claim against the Boy Scouts of America for compensation is November 16, 2020. Anyone who does not meet this deadline will not be able to file a claim against the Boy Scouts in the future.

Wondering if you’re eligible to make a claim? Anyone who has experienced victimization or abuse within the Boy Scouts can file a claim, no matter the type of abuse, when it occurred, or who the abuser was. Even if you cannot remember all of the details, you are still encouraged to file a claim before the deadline. Members of affiliate programs, such as the Explorer or Venturing programs, Sea Scouting, and Cub Scouts, are also eligible to file a claim.

How To File A Claim

The Sexual Abuse Survivor Proof of Claim form is designed for those survivors who have:

  • Filed lawsuits or claims against the Boy Scouts
  • Called the Scouts Hotline to report a claim of abuse
  • Never filed a lawsuit, entered into a settlement, or reported their abuse
  • Received settlement agreements, but have additional claims against the Boy Scouts of America
  • Experienced abuse, even if the claim is barred under the statute of limitations

Those who have experienced other forms of abuse—including bullying, physical abuse, or hazing—should make their claim using the General Proof of Claim form.

How We Can Help

At Monsees & Mayer P.C., we understand the complex nature of sexual abuse claims. Our personal injury have decades of experience helping survivors of sexual abuse seek justice.

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