Losing one of your senses is extremely unnerving. Hearing loss is especially profound because it abruptly cuts one off from so much of daily life – from conversations and communication to enjoyment of music and television. This in turn hampers relationships and employment prospects.

Monsees & Mayer, P.C., has brought successful claims and lawsuits for victims of hearing damage suffered in accidents. Our goal is to provide clients and families with economic security and the resources to adapt to the significant life changes.

Kansas City Attorneys For Hearing Loss Accidents

We pursue compensation for hearing damage, inner ear and outer ear injuries caused by:

  • Defective firearms such as the Remington 700
  • Head trauma in falls or auto collisions
  • Explosions (machinery, natural gas, propane tanks)
  • Sustained or high-decibel workplace noise
  • Other close-range exposures

We are skilled at making the medical connection between the hearing impairment and the accident or exposure caused by others’ negligence or indifference to safety. We pursue damages for medical treatment, such as cochlear implants or cosmetic surgery, lost wages and future earning capacity, vocational retraining, special services or equipment for the deaf, and our clients’ pain and suffering, including social isolation and emotional distress.

Tinnitus And Other Medical Effects

We know the world does not necessarily go silent with hearing damage. To the contrary, many victims suffer greatly from tinnitus – a constant ringing, roaring, buzzing or hiss. The person may learn to function during the day and “tune out” the ringing sensation, but at night or in solitude it is inescapable.

Even if hearing is partially restored with a hearing aid or surgery, victims continue to experience tinnitus. It takes a physical and psychological toll – sleeplessness, anxiety, fatigue, depression. Injuries to the inner ear can also cause vertigo, nausea, headaches and other disabling symptoms in addition to hearing loss.

We Hold Out For Fair Compensation

Life goes on, but it is changed forever. Our lawyers and staff are committed to holding the wrongdoers accountable for your rightful damages, even when it means hiring experts and going to court.

If your hearing was damaged, we can explore your possible claims in a free initial consultation. We take cases in the Kansas City area and Springfield, and throughout Missouri and Kansas. Call 816-361-5555 or fill out our contact form.