Although statistically, school buses are the safest way to transport children to school, when school bus drivers make mistakes, serious injury or death can be the consequence. Unfortunately, statistics are of little comfort when your child is injured in a bus accident.

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Was The Driver Negligent?

School bus drivers are often part-time employees who may have little experience driving a large vehicle. Here are just a few examples where a driver’s inexperience can result in a serious injury to a child:

  • Pulling away from the curb before a child is seated
  • Driving erratically such as making a sudden turn or braking abruptly
  • Driving away before a child is clear of the bus
  • Accidents caused by distracted driving
  • Abuse
  • Failing to deliver a child to the proper destination

If another vehicle struck the bus, then the other driver may be fully or partially responsible. Our lawyers will gather the evidence they need to hold all negligent drivers accountable.

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