At some point, aging Missouri residents may require additional assistance and care. For many, assisted living and skilled nursing home facilities offer the type of medical care and assistance to help ensure one is able to live comfortably. There are, however, times when the nursing home violates those rights, and legal action may be appropriate.

Specific state and federal laws govern all residential health care facilities. Regulatory measures help ensure that nursing facilities abide by health and safety guidelines, as well as provide the proper level of care and treatment to all nursing home residents.

Upon entering into a residential nursing home facility, a resident should receive a copy of the facility’s policies as well as a list of resident’s rights. For example, documents often include information related to a resident’s right to:

  • Privacy with regard to personal and financial records and belongings
  • Make decisions related to one’s medical care, as well as be informed of related options and costs
  • A safe, clean and abuse-free living environment
  • Report or file a grievance related to one’s treatment or the facility’s safety 
  • Receive visitors and visit other residents
  • Information of any decisions that relate to or result from Medicare or Medicaid

Cases where a nursing home violates its own written policies or state and federal laws, legal action may be warranted. An attorney who handles nursing home negligence matters can assist. It’s especially important to explore one’s legal options when issues involve the alleged neglect or abuse of a nursing home resident.