On March 28th Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed into law a bill that greatly complicates the use of expert witnesses in Missouri courts. The new rule is essentially an adoption of expert witness rules that have been used in federal courts since 1993. Law firms without federal trial experience will now need to change how they handle expert testimony.

Litigating Cases in Federal Courts

A significant portion of our practice at Monsees & Mayer is devoted to pursuing and litigating cases in federal courts. As such, our attorneys have years of experience navigating the choppy waters concerning the use of expert witnesses.

If your chosen attorney does not have the knowledge and experience to properly choose, identify and defend the testimony of expert witnesses, your doctors, engineers, accountants or other expert witnesses may not be able to testify in support of your case.

Otherwise competent attorneys who lack federal court experience may not be equipped to contend with these new challenges. Additionally, our attorneys are experienced in limiting or excluding expert testimony offered by defendants.

The new law will go into effect August 28th, 2017. Be sure when choosing an attorney to make note of the attorney’s experience with expert witnesses At Monsees & Mayer, P.C. our experience and network of experts is in place. Should you need a personal injury lawyer, give us a call. We offer no cost consultations and are here to answer any of your questions.