Let the travel season begin!  Memorial Day is the annual kickoff weekend for summer travel, and the roads, airports and train stations across the United States will be clogged with travelers.  Holiday fun and travel should not equate to danger or injury.  There are simple tips you can use to make sure your travels are safe. 

  • Leave yourself adequate time and plan ahead.  Most travel mistakes or accidents occur when pressed for time.  Plan to be at the airport a full two hours for international flights and a minimum of one hour beforehand for domestic flights. This has to be gauged by how busy the airport is likely to be, and on a holiday weekend, lines at terminal desks, kiosks and security gates may be much longer than on a normal day. Purchasing priority check-in or securing clearance as a TSA Precheck passenger can shorten the lines and lower the heart rate, but plan ahead. A call ahead to airports seeking expected wait times is always good for planning.
  • Learn about your destination.  Are there distinct health or security risks? The Centers for Disease Control and the Department of State both have advisories for travel, including needed immunizations, safety and security and other travel concerns.
  • Check the weather. It may be summer, but some destinations may still feel like winter. Where are you going? Pack accordingly. Take adequate sunscreen, insect repellant and other apparel (such as proper footwear for long days of walking or hiking) to protect yourself against the elements.
  • Whatever your expected level of activity, make sure you are in proper health and condition to engage in any anticipated activity. Make sure all medications are safely packed with a few days in carry-on bags to make sure you are not without in the event of lost or delayed luggage.

Have fun, but these small steps may help you through a minor bump in the road and insure it does not escalate into crash.