We have no choice but to trust that the surgical team is prepared and focused and cautious. With so little margin for error in surgery, a careless mistake or deviation from protocol could cause life-threatening or life-changing harm.

Patients or their families may have a suit for surgical malpractice if a surgery resulted in injury or death. The Kansas City lawyers of Monsees & Mayer, P.C., can identify negligence of surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses to hold medical professionals and hospitals accountable for surgery errors. Call us at 816-361-5555 to arrange a free consultation.

Representation For Victims Of Surgical Errors

Our attorneys handle medical malpractice cases in Missouri and Kansas, with a track record of settlements and verdicts that includes recoveries for serious injury and wrongful death from surgical negligence.

Surgery malpractice occurs in many ways:

  • Slicing arteries, nerves or organs
  • Operating on the wrong patient or body part
  • Leaving sponges or clamps inside the patient
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Failure to monitor in post-op recovery
Failure To Diagnose Surgery Errors
Sometimes, the malpractice is failing to recognize and address an adverse event during surgery. No one on the surgical team notices that the patient is bleeding out or has suffered a perforated bowel, for example, until the patient goes into shock or sepsis or cardiac arrest. By then the harm may be irreversible or fatal.

Holding Surgeons And Staff Accountable

We pursue compensation for medical intervention and future medical care, plus damages for lost income, and pain and suffering. Monsees & Mayer wins damages by investing the necessary time and resources, including independent medical experts who can testify that the surgeon, O.R. nurses or other personnel committed errors or neglected their duties.

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