In this tragic story out of Ellis County, Kansas, a 34-year-old farm worker died after a skid-loader bucket came crashing down on top of him. According to this report, it appears the bucket first hit the man on the head before falling onto his lower extremities.

While it is unclear whether this death was caused by a defect in the equipment or operator error, a proper investigation is warranted. Individuals who work in farming and construction are subject to severe risks of injury from heavy machinery and equipment defects. If you, a family member, or friend is injured or killed by machinery or equipment, you should contact an attorney immediately. Monsees & Mayer has years of experience handling cases involving defects in machines and equipment. We have seen cases involving electrical and hydraulic failures, operator error, as well as injuries resulting from inadequate training and instruction. Our firm has the skill, knowledge, and background to handle any farm, industrial, or construction accident.