KANSAS CITY, Missouri (May 4, 2022) — A Massachusetts jury returned a $2 million plaintiff verdict in a barrel explosion case involving a Smith & Wesson Omega Muzzleloader Rifle. With pre-judgment interest, the court entered judgment for the plaintiff for $3.1 million.

While hunting in Port Tobacco, Maryland in 2015, the plaintiff, with his left hand on the fore stock, discharged his rifle and the barrel exploded. As a result of the explosion, he obtained extensive injuries to his left hand requiring major reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation. The plaintiff hired Monsees & Mayer and The Nebenzahl Law Group in 2016 to represent him for the injuries he endured.

“We have been honored to fight alongside our client for the past six years,” says Timothy Monsees, attorney and senior shareholder at Monsees & Mayer. “Thousands of people are hurt or killed annually in gun accidents, some not unlike this one. Our hope is to not only support individuals whose lives have been severely impacted by defective guns, but also raise awareness of defective products so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Attorneys Timothy Monsees and Robert Thrasher from Monsees & Mayer tried the case alongside Andrew Nebenzahl and Carly LaCrosse with The Nebenzahl Law Group in Massachusetts.