Most claims involve insurance issues, whether it is a question of the amount of coverage provided or a question of whether the defendant’s insurance offers any protection at all for the injuries you have suffered. Often times a claim must be made against the insurance company itself. Even an automobile accident case may involve a claim against your own insurance company should the person who caused the injury be uninsured or insured for only minimal limits.

Many times, someone must sue his or her own insurance company. These “first party” claims may arise from interruption of business losses, fire losses, single-vehicle automobile accidents, disability insurance claims, life insurance claims or health insurance claims.

Business Affected by COVID-19

Many businesses, large and small, are profoundly affected by the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Whether the limits on your business are put in place by government restriction, or you have undertaken voluntary measures to slow the progression of the virus, we may be able to help.  Some businesses may have business loss or business interruption provisions in their insurance policies.  Some of these may offer an avenue to recoup some or all of the losses your business has suffered. 

After carefully reviewing how courts have interpreted business loss insurance policy language and the common “direct physical loss” requirement, we are able to look at the exact language in your business’s insurance policy and give proper guidance as to whether filing a claim could be a viable option for you. The policy language, as well as how your company has been directly affected, are important factors in determining whether your insurance policy will provide coverage. Give us a chance to review your business policy and help you reconstruct the nature and extent of your business, financial losses.”

Bad Faith

In some cases an insurance company may engage in what is commonly referred to as “bad faith” or may deny a claim that under state law constitutes a “vexatious refusal” to pay or a “failure to pay without just cause or excuse.” Our Kansas City insurance lawyers have handled many such cases and commonly speak on the lecture circuit in this very complex area of practice.

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