Another state’s Catholic diocese is in the news. The Illinois Catholic Church publicly listed 185 clergy members who had been credibly accused of child sexual abuse.

However, the church failed to identify 500 other priests and clergy members against whom sexual allegations have been made.

According to Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s preliminary findings, the church failed to adequately investigate the additional allegations, if they were investigated at all.

Many times, the church failed to notify law enforcement officials or the state Department of Children and Family Services about the abuse allegations.

With the close of 2018 we need to put a stop to the protection of child sexual abuse perpetrators.

In 2019, let’s embrace the #Childrentoo movement and put a stop to child sexual abuse. All sexual abusers and those complicit in covering up their heinous acts need to be held accountable.

Our attorneys at Monsees & Mayer, P.C. fight for the victims of child sexual abuse.

Our job is to hold the abusers and enablers responsible for their actions and obtain the funds victims need to travel the emotional road of recovery.

If you, a family member, or anyone you know, have been a victim of child sexual abuse, give our attorneys a call.