One of the most common types of child abuse we unfortunately encounter with clients is that where the perpetrator is placed into a position of authority or trust, and ultimately abuses the power to dominate and influence the trust of kids. Imagine how difficult it can be for even an adult to call into to question the opinions or conduct of his/her doctor, and then reduce that same scenario to a minor. In this case, it appears a gymnastic coach used his position to gain the trust and confidence of minors, only to use it to satisfy his self-serving, sexual desires.

Businesses and organizations have a duty to conduct adequate background checks on those people they place in contact with children. They also have an obligation to supervise the conduct of their employees once they are hired. The team at Monsees & Mayer has great experience in helping children and families in these situations fight to hold responsible the individual perpetrator and the institution who enabled the perpetrator to be in such position to abuse kids.

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