ANSWER: Be honest, keep us informed of new developments and keep an open mind. There are four times when your active involvement is needed. Early in the litigation process, it is likely we will receive written questions from the defendant that require your input. These written questions will ask us to identify witnesses, past employment, doctors seen, etc.

Later, it is likely your deposition will be taken by opposing counsel. You will be asked questions by the opposing attorney before a court reporter, and occasionally a videographer, who will record your answers and compile a booklet with your testimony. We will prepare you for these questions and accompany you to the deposition.

If settlement is discussed or considered, you will be involved in any discussion of the amount for which your case may be settled, and many times nowadays, settlement discussions take place in formalized meetings called “mediation” or “alternate dispute resolution.”

Finally, if your case does not settle, you will need to attend trial, and testify on your own behalf. Trials can take several days, or in rare instances with complex cases, several weeks.