In our last post, we discussed why the National and California Departments of Transportation found themselves on the receiving ends of a wrongful death lawsuit. In that case negligence, carelessness, and oversight on the part of the Departments of Transportation may have led to the deaths of several people.

Now, the Missouri Department of Transportation finds itself in a similar situation. The department is in hot water following the deaths of Jacqueline and Autumn Faudi and Kaydence Miller.

According to crash reports, Faudi’s vehicle was struck from behind by a vehicle that slipped on ice near North Point Prairie Road. After crashing into the back of the vehicle, both vehicles traveled across the median and were struck by a southbound traveling SUV.

The families of the victims are suing the Missouri Department of Transportation for failing to install a cable barrier along highway 61 in Wentzville, where the crash occurred. According to the suit, the accident would have been survivable if a cable barrier had stopped the vehicles from crossing the median.

Following the fatal crash, local leaders and Lincoln and Saint Charles counties called for changes to be made along the stretch of road to promote safety and public awareness.