Implanted medical devices such as hip replacements are meant to correct a problem and improve a person’s quality of life, not make things worse. But sometimes these operations go wrong or the device itself fails, resulting in painful, disabling and even life-threatening harm to patients.

Manufacturers of defective medical devices can be held liable for injuries from their dangerous products. Physicians may also be held accountable for their role in a preventable tragedy. Call our proven lawyers today at 816-361-5555 to discuss your potential legal claims in Missouri or Kansas.

Experienced In Product Defect And Medical Negligence Cases

The Kansas City attorneys of Monsees & Mayer, P.C. have a successful record in both product liability and medical malpractice litigation. We have the skill and resources to hold medical device companies responsible for flaws in the design or assembly of their product, or misrepresentations of its safety and side effects. We will also explore legal action against doctors for a botched or ill-advised surgical implant.

Our law firm can investigate if your loved one suffered serious injury, illness, infection or death after receiving a surgical implant, including:

  • Hip Implant (artificial hip joint)
  • Knee Replacement
  • Surgical Mesh or Hernia Patch
  • Implanted Stent or Pacemaker
  • Other Medical Device

Compensation For Dangerous Medical Devices

We know how devastating these cases are for patients and families. Victims of failed medical devices may have to endure surgical intervention to fix or remove the implant. Due to tissue damage or compromised health, that person may no longer be a candidate for replacement surgery to remedy the original medical condition. Our team pursues compensation for clients’ medical care and rehab, lost earnings, disabilities, and pain and suffering.

Such lawsuits are difficult, but Monsees & Mayer has a demonstrated record of standing up to manufacturers, health care providers and their insurance companies to secure justice. See examples of our settlements and verdicts in similar cases.

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