Statistics from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics show that more than 3 million Americans over the age of 12 are subjected to sexual assault and abuse each year. Sexual abuse is a term that covers a variety of misconducts that are based on the gender or sexual characteristics of a victim. Many victims resort to the criminal justice system as a primary recourse for seeking justice for their suffering. However, the civil justice system is another option that can help victims of sexual abuse in Missouri to regain control of their lives and gain a sense of control.


Filing a Sexual Abuse Case


There are instances where victims have the ability to bring forth a lawsuit against their attackers. Since filing a case against an individual is not always possible, cases involving institutions that employ offenders usually provide promising outcomes for victims. Cases we see in Missouri surrounding sexual abuse are often filed against:


  • Daycare workers
  • Eldercare workers/nursing home workers
  • Teachers
  • Foster parents
  • Coaches/athletic department workers
  • Hospital employees
  • Clergy members
  • Physicians
  • Counselors, therapists, psychologists
  • Police officers/security guards/prison guards

Many attacks involve people who take advantage of their trusted employment status and attack others. In some cases, their employers can be held liable. Employers are required to conduct thorough background checks and investigate. This is particularly true when people are employed to care or look after others.


Types of Sexual Abuse

The term sexual abuse is a generic term that is used to describe several acts of unwanted sexual contact. The type of sexual abuse a person is subjected to can influence their ability to file a personal injury claim against the perpetrator. Some types of sexual abuse victims endure include:


  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Intimate partner sexual violence
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Statutory rape
  • Date rape
  • Elder abuse
  • Sexual abuse of a protected person
  • Sexual harassment in employment
  • Sexual harassment in other contexts

The fact that there are many different types and categories of sexual assault can impact a victim’s ability to file a legal claim and get justice for their traumatic experience. Working with a sexual abuse attorney in Missouri will help you determine what legal options are available for you.


Our Team Can Help You

Being subjected to sexual abuse can have a life-altering impact on a person’s life. Although many victims are left to endure overwhelming physical consequences, the mental and emotional consequences are often debilitating. When victims are sexually abused, it is crucial that they reach out to a personal injury attorney in Missouri to get the justice they deserve.

Civil lawsuits differ greatly from criminal cases. By hiring an experienced civil attorney, such as those of Monsees & Mayer PC, you greatly increase your chances of recovery for a sexual abuse lawsuit. Contact us today for a free consultation.