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Former Missouri Police Officer Criminally Charged for Sexual Abuse

Former Missouri police officer criminally charged for sexual abuse after victim comes forward; victim may also pursue a civil claim to recover money.

The charges were filed against John Rollins, age 34, on July 26, 2018 by the prosecuting attorney in Moniteau County. According the Complaint, Rollins abuse of the minor girl spanned “several years” from ages 5 to 13. The court records provide details surrounding the abuse, including allegations that Rollins performed oral sex on the young […]

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Arthur Ashe Courage Award

‘Sister survivors’ Accept Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Last night, 141 women, representing all of the survivors who spoke out about the abuses they endured by Larry Nassar, received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. The award, named for American tennis player Arthur Ashe, is presented annually as part of ESPN’s ESPY Awards. It is presented to recipients who “reflect the spirit of […]

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gymnastic coach sex abuse lawayer

Gymnastics coach accused of child molestation

One of the most common types of child abuse we unfortunately encounter with clients is that where the perpetrator is placed into a position of authority or trust, and ultimately abuses the power to dominate and influence the trust of kids. Imagine how difficult it can be for even an adult to call into to […]

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youth pastor sex abuse lawyer

Youth pastor admitted to sexual relationship with teen

Sexual abuse of children and other congregation members, like what happened recently in a St. Louis suburb, can, and should be, prevented. For more information on that story, click here. Prior to hiring a new pastor, a church and its elders have a legal duty to conduct adequate background checks. Any “red flag” raised by […]

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Sexual Assault Awareness

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

It is kind of a shame that we have to designate a month as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Regrettably, sexual assault is nearly a national epidemic.  While not all reported sexual assault is legitimate, it is also true that the vast majority of sexual assaults are never reported.  Hence, while some may question whether all […]

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personal injury law firms in kansas city

Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse

A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse is recognized on April 8th . What a wonderful goal! We may not see such a lofty goal achieved in our lifetimes, but if we don’t work toward that goal, will it ever be achieved? In the United States alone, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in […]

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Child Abuse Victims

Child Abuse Victims Should Embrace the #MeToo Movement

We have all been staggered by the national reaction to the #MeToo movement for women sweeping across the nation. While some contest the validity of many of the claims that have arisen, few would condone sexual predation against any person. However, while women are standing up everywhere to raise awareness about sexual predation, there is […]

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sexual abuse lawsuit


The increasing focus on sexual abuse of children arising from sordid claims against priests, pastors, Boy Scout Leaders and educators has opened new legal doors to compensate the victims.

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Police office sued for rape of woman while in custody

We’ve reported many times about lawsuits filed against police offices after people were sexually assaulted by officers on duty. Unfortunately, we have another case involving a woman who was raped while in the custody of the police. A federal jury has awarded a former Hollis woman $6.5 million after finding the Harmon County sheriff failed […]

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Two women awarded $6.2 million after rape by police officers

Police officers are often put in a position of power over another person or group of people. Unfortunately, this sometimes leaves room for terrible things to happen. Such is the case with Franklin Hartley and Thomas Merenda. The two officers were found guilty of having coerced two women they arrested into sexual favors. The two […]

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New Jersey cop sued over sexual advances

A police officer in New Jersey is the target of a lawsuit after he allegedly made sexual advances on a woman. Patrolman James Lame asked the plaintiff if she had ever had sex with a police officer in a police station or in a cell and requested that she have sex with him after a […]

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School board and coach charged in sexual assault and hazing suit

Three basketball players at Ooltewah High School in Ooltewah, Tennessee have been convicted in a sexual assault case against a teammate. The teammate was raped with a pool cue during a violent hazing ritual on a school sponsored basketball trip. Hazing is the act of imposing humiliating, embarrassing, and often dangerous rituals on anyone seeking […]

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Rabbi sued for $100 million in bath video case

Barry Freundel was a rabbi and prominent member of the Washington, D.C. Jewish community. He wrote several books and articles and spoke before Congress. Then, it was discovered that he recorded women as they took a ritual bath under his supervision. Now, the victims are suing Freundel, the bathhouse where the recording took place, the […]

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Roger Ailes steps down as Fox News CEO

In 1996, Fox News was founded by Roger Ailes. Since that time the station has become a media giant with Ailes at the reigns as CEO. That all changed last Thursday when Ailes resigned amid sexual harassment scandals and lawsuits. Two weeks ago, Ailes was sued for sexual harassment by Gretchen Carlson, a former host […]

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Former YMCA board member accused of sexual assault

A YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) in Middle Tennessee has found itself the target of a million dollar sexual assault lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that a former YMCA board member sexually assaulted another member of the organization multiple times. The plaintiff said that the assaults began in July of last year. The defendant entered the […]

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