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assume the risk


What Does It Mean To “Assume the Risk” Assumption of Risk in Daily Activities Do you know what it means to “assume the risk” of an activity? Many activities involve an element of risk.  Some are inherent to the activity undertaken such as sky diving.  However, people undertake tasks every day that are less threatening […]

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Personal injury notecard

What Is A Personal Injury Attorney?

In the strictest sense, a personal injury attorney is just as the name says.  An attorney for personal injuries. Within the medical profession, when you have a fractured leg you can see an orthopedic surgeon. This surgeon will have special training and skills to perform exactly the type of surgery needed to set your leg.  […]

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What Is Negligence

Negligence: What It Is and How to Prove It

Most personal injury cases proceed on a theory of negligence.  Even product liability cases, which have the additional option in most instances of proceeding on what is known as “strict liability”, may also proceed on negligence.  Automobile cases, medical malpractice, slip and fall, dog bite and most other cases are ultimately submitted to juries based […]

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Missouri duck boat accident

At least 13 killed when duck boat sinks during storm in Missouri

Our hearts broke last night for the 31 people aboard the duck boat that capsized and sank in Branson, Missouri. This is the 22nd reported water-related death on Missouri’s waterways since May; and it may be the deadliest ever. The duck boat was owned by Ride the Ducks, which is a national duck tour operator with […]

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800 Pound Boulder kills two people

800-Pound Boulder Falls Off Truck, Killing Two

800-Pound Boulder Falls Off Truck, Killing Two One man’s negligence resulted in the death of a mother and daughter in St. Paul, Minnesota, when an 800-pound boulder rolled off the back of his landscaping truck and struck their car. Police arrested Joe Czeck, 33, for the incident after using surveillance footage to identify him. He […]

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Jimmy John's Delivery Driver Accident

Jimmy John’s Driver Hits and Kills Young Boy

Jimmy John’s Driver Hits and Kills Young Boy A Jimmy John’s delivery driver hit and killed a young boy riding his bicycle. The driver hit and killed Blake Huffman, 5, while Blake was riding his bike in front of his home. In addition to the grief they will suffer because of the loss, his family […]

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Twin toddlers drown in swimming pool at in-home daycare

Day Care Questioned Over Supposed Mosquito Bite

Day Care “Mosquito” Bite A mother received a call from a day care employee claiming her son had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. When she arrived, she found her 8-month-old son with bruises, scrapes, bite marks, and a swollen head. When questioned by the boy’s mother, the day care had no answers. News […]

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Ozarks Boating accident

Fatal boat crash at the Lake of the Ozarks

A tragic boating accident claimed the lives of three individuals, and severely injured two more, at the Lake of the Ozarks over the weekend. All the victims were in their early 20’s. The accident took place early Saturday morning near the 47 mile marker. Troopers were notified around 1:45 am and arrested the driver on […]

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Youth Sports Safety

Youth Sports Safety

April is National Youth Sports Safety month. Not only does Tim Monsees devote a significant portion of his practice to victims of sporting and recreational injury, he spent over 20 years as a youth coach in baseball. Hence, Tim brings a unique perspective to how to avoid sports injuries and also how to pursue proper […]

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uber car accident lawsuit

Uber reaches settlement less than one month after its smart car kills pedestrian.

While it appears the terms will remain confidential, the family of a 49-year- old woman who was struck and killed by an Uber self-driving car has agreed to a settlement. For more details on crash itself, see our earlier post. Generally, it is uncommon for a settlement to be reached so quickly in a case […]

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Gun Violence

Why Can’t We Stop Gun Violence

The debate over gun regulation is one that is likely to continue for months or years to come. With every mass shooting, especially like recent events in Florida that resulted in the death of 17 school children and adults at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the question of gun regulation surfaces. Should regulations limit assault-style […]

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hunting accident personal injury law frim

Important Questions to Ask if You are Involved in a Hunting Accident

I have just fallen from my elevated tree stand! I have just been shot by my hunting partner! These are two examples of exclamations we never want to hear. However, even when all due care is exercised by a hunter, one can still be a victim of hunting injury. Moreover, not all hunting accidents are […]

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Hiring the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Why Hiring the Right Personal Injury Attorney Matters?

While the movies are usually an overly-exaggerated version of real life, this is only partly true when it comes to the lawyer you need to hire for your personal injury case. If you find an attorney who tells you to limp as you enter the court room and pretend you are more injured than you […]

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Product Liability Attorneys

How to Know if You Can File a Product Liability Lawsuit

Product liability lawsuits usually involve injuries that are the result of a product that is defective in some way. These are considered complex lawsuits requiring special knowledge and experience. Occasionally, product liability cases are filed as a class action lawsuit, if there were many people who were affected or injured by the product. In some […]

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2017 year in review


Another year, and another year of painstaking dedication to your clients. Every year, we resolve cases involving sexual misconduct by church personnel, youth leaders and others in a position of trust, bad faith claims against insurance companies, injuries and deaths due to defective hunting equipment and firearms, negligent personnel in nursing home, elder care and […]

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