1. Negligent Driver Strikes and Kills Individual in Wheelchair:  We represented a mother of a man who while returning home was struck in his wheelchair by an automobile and ultimately killed.  The driver of the vehicle crossed the center of the road, left the roadway, struck a chain link fence, hit a culvert and ultimately hit our client while he was traveling in his wheelchair in the parking lot.  Greene, County, Missouri.  Settlement $1.25 Million, Policy Limits.

2.  Trucking Accident In Construction Zones:  An inexperienced, over-the-road trucker failed to properly heed a construction zone speed limit and drove to close to construction workers laying new asphalt on a major interstate highway.   A construction worker was struck by the truck and killed.  The case was settled before a lawsuit was filed for the sum of $1 Million; Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.

3. Death From Improperly Secured, Flying Trailer Tire: Our client’s husband was traveling Southbound on I-435 when a tire from a trailer being pulled on the Northbound lanes separated from the trailer and became airborne as it crossed the concrete median.  The tire crossed into the Southbound land, struck and partially penetrated our client’s husband’s windshield, ultimately killing him.  Clay County, Missouri.  Settlement $2.1 Million, Policy Limits.

4.  Dump Truck Without Backup Alarms Kills:  A quarry dump truck driver was killed when a co-worker backed a dump truck over him while he was standing in the quarry awaiting the loading of his own truck.  The dump truck was not equipped with audible back-up alarms.  In a jury trial against the trucks seller a verdict of $2 Million was obtained; Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.

5.  Shooting at night club leads to $3.5 Million Verdict:  We represented the mother of an 18 year old young man who was shot and killed at a night club.  He was standing watching a fight take place, when an unknown assailant discharged a firearm, killing our client’s son.  A claim was brought against the night club for improper security, resulting in a $3.5 Million judgment; St Louis, Missouri.

6.  Bar shooting results in death of 21 year old:  Our client’s son was a patron at a night club that promoted various events.  On the night of the shooting, there were numerous fights and disturbances leading to the early closing of the bar.  As our client’s son was walking to his car, he was shot and killed in the parking lot.  A claim was brought for negligent security and failure to render medical aid, resulting in a $2.7 Million verdict; Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas.

7.  Negligent Security/Failure to Protect:  On the very last night of his employment, a convenience store worker was shot and killed during an attempted robbery.  His employer leased the premises from the owner, who was well aware of a substantial history of violent crime on and around the premises.  In spite of this knowledge, the owner had denied requests to improve security on the premises, including security enclosures that would have specifically protected employees from violent crime.  The descendant left two young children who are now being raised by his ex-wife and his brother.  Confidential Settlement; Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

8.  Death From Massive Blood Loss Which Destroys Organs:  Our client’s father, an elderly, retired cattle rancher, suffered an abdominal injury, which required surgery.  During surgery, massive amounts of blood were lost, eventually depriving the patient of so much blood as to destroy his major internal organs.  He eventually died.  $505,000 Settlement.

9.  Misread Test Causes Death From Intracranial Bleeding:  A Topeka woman in her mid-30’s went to the hospital after suffering from severe headaches.  She was discharged home but returned to the hospital the next day again complaining of severe  headaches.  A CAT scan was performed which showed an obvious intracranial aneurysm.  However, the neuroradiologist misread the CAT scan and the patient was discharged again.  She ultimately died from her intracranial bleed.  Confidential Settlement; Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

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