Ski Does Not Release in Fall Resulting in Brain Damage: In the largest verdict ever obtained against the manufacturer of a water ski, our client won $3,600,000. This slalom ski was designed for expert water-skiers. Our client, a novice skier fell while skiing. The ski did not come off his foot during the fall, and the tail of the ski pierced his skull, resulting in significant brain injury. No warning accompanied the ski. Kansas City, Missouri

Negligent Driver of Ski Boat Injures Skier: We resolved a water ski case within six months of being contacted by our client over the Internet. She was in the water next to a ski boat when the operator put the motor into gear, apparently in a hurry to get off the water because a storm was gathering. Our client was sucked under the boat by dual props severely cutting, but not severing or even breaking her leg. Resolution of this case in record time allowed our client to undergo repeated plastic surgeries to improve the severe scarring on her leg, as well as save a significant portion of her health care costs.

Amusement Park Water Slide Cause Multiple Disc Injuries: Our client suffered a severe back injury rupturing several discs as a result of riding a water slide at an amusement park. Despite following all the instructions, she went airborne over the first bump and felt a sharp pain in her back when she landed on the hard plastic slide. The amusement park denied any similar incidents but elected to settle when we focused our discovery efforts on this issue. Confidential Settlement ; Raytown, Jackson County, Missouri

Boating Accident: While visiting friends on Table Rock Lake in southern Missouri, 18-year old girl was boating with young friends. Intoxicated boat operator was driving at a high rate of speed, and simply ran the boat aground. Client was thrown into the bulkhead of the boat and severely fractured her jaw, requiring extensive dental reconstruction. Confidential Settlement; Stone County, Missouri

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