Remington Rifle Model 700 Fires Without Trigger Pulled: Member of Army Reserve and small firearms instructor, was using Model 700 to deer hunt in Pennsylvania. As he leaned against a tree for cover and was rotating to draw down on a deer, he shifted the rifle’s safety from the “safe” to “fire” position as he raised the rifle. At the instant he shifted the rifle to “fire”, the rifle’s muzzle was momentarily pointed at his ankle. The rifle fired without the trigger being pulled, resulting in a disabling ankle injury and numerous surgeries for a young, former college athlete. Remington Model 700 rifles, and those related bolt-action rifles are equipped with a unique trigger feature that is susceptible to a host of environmental and maintenance issues that may result in firing of the rifle without a pull of the trigger. Remington has received thousands of customer complaints relating incidents similar to that suffered by our client. Confidential Settlement; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Remington Rifle Model 710 Fires Without Trigger Pulled: Our client was staying with friends on a ranch when his friend accidentally shot him. The bullet from the rifle entered his right hip, shattering the bone and piercing his sciatic nerve. His friend was adamant that the trigger was not pulled or contacted in any manner, but instead the rifle fired. The plaintiff alleged the Remington Model 710 bolt action rifle contains a dangerously defective Walker fire control system which may fire without a trigger pull upon release of the safety, movement of the bolt, or when jarred or bumped. Client suffering from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy reached settlement of $1.425 million; Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

Numerous Deaths and Injuries From Remington Rifles That Fire Without A Trigger Pull: We have handled over 50 cases against Remington Arms Company, Inc. and its former parent company, E.I. DuPont deNemours and Company regarding defective and dangerous bolt action firearms (Models 700, 710, 770, 600, 660, XP 100, 721, 722 and 40X). These guns can fire upon release of the safety, movement of the bolt, or merely as a result of being jarred due to a design defect in the fire control system, which was known when it was first introduced into Remington bolt action rifles in the late 1940’s. In addition, until 1982 these firearms contained a bolt lock, which required the user to release the safety, thereby arming the gun, before it could be loaded or unloaded. We have collected literally thousands of complaints of these malfunctions and have the largest repository of Remington documents related to this hazard and defect of any personal injury law firm. Remington recalled the Model 600 and 660 in the late 1970s and Remington later introduced the “safety modification program” to remove bolt locks on Model 700 bolt action rifles. Juries have awarded significant actual damages and three verdicts for punitive damages, the most recent verdict being in excess of $17,000,000. We sincerely hope that the company’s safety modification program and the impending settlement of a class action lawsuit related to these firearms, reduces the number of deaths and injuries caused by this dangerous product.

We have handled defective Remington 700 cases in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, New York, Alaska, Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Oregon, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Kentucky.

Chinese Rifle Fires Upon Being Jarred Killing Boy: A 14-year old boy died in his father’s arms when a Chinese SKS rifle fired upon closing the bayonet, without a trigger pull and while on safe. These military, semi-automatic firearms will jar off and sometimes fire fully automatic due to numerous manufacturing problems. China sold literally millions of these used rifles in the United States for less than $100 each until the mid 1990s when their importation was banned. The irony is that many of these weapons were used against us in Vietnam and even the Korean War. The Chinese government made millions of dollars selling their poorly made military surplus to United States citizens who do not realize they may have bought an accident waiting to happen. After settling with the U.S. importer, we obtained a judgment for $10,000,000 against the Peoples Republic of China pursuant to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act after personal serving the communist Chinese government in Beijing, China. We are presently working on collecting this judgment.

Severe Leg Injury Due to Rifle Misfiring: Two brothers were preparing to hunt in Idaho. After sighting in their rifles, the two and a friend were standing close to one another and began to unload their respective firearms. While one unloaded his rifle, he realized he needed to shift the safety lever from the “safe” to the “fire” position to open the bolt and unload the rifle, as the rifle is equipped with a “bolt lock” that precludes unloading the rifle in the “safe” position. Upon doing so, the rifle fired, even though the handler of the rifle did not touch the trigger. The client suffered severe and disabling injuries to his lower leg and underwent multiple surgeries over the year following his injury. Confidential Settlement; Portland, Oregon

Sever Eye Injury Due to Rifle Misfiring: A 48-year old man had been hunting earlier in the day with other family members. As he later attempted to unload his rifle while standing outside his truck, it fired through the floor board of the truck as he shifted the safety lever from the “safe” to the “fire” position. The trigger was never pulled. As it fired, the butt of the rifle bucked and struck him in the eye, inflicting a severe eye injury with permanent vision loss. The client is a prison law enforcement officer, and the injury compromises his ability to qualify for all of his occupational requirements.Confidential Settlement; Tallahassee, Florida

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