Every year, hundreds of pedestrians and bicyclists are struck and injured by motor vehicles. Some of these accidents cause serious injuries, and many of them are caused by the negligence of drivers or other parties, including parties responsible for the crosswalks, roads, signs and other elements that can play a role in an accident.

If you or a loved one was hit by a motor vehicle and seriously injured as a result, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Compensation may cover medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering or wrongful death. Our firm’s attorneys are highly experienced with pedestrian injuries and the legal challenges they can pose. We focus on getting the best possible results for our clients, including maximum compensation.

Helping You Get Answers

Traffic accidents can be confusing, and it can be overwhelming to cope with an injury that affects many areas of your life and your family. At the law firm of Monsees & Mayer, P.C., we can help you get the answers you need. Our experience includes cases that involve:

  • Crosswalk accidents
  • Walkers, runners and bikers who were hit on highways, roads and city streets by motorists who were not looking
  • Catastrophic injuries to the brain and spinal cord
  • Damage to bones, joints and soft tissues
  • Claims against Missouri and Kansas Department of Transportation (MODOT) and (KDOT)
  • Inadequate design of roads, streets and crosswalks
  • Improper signage, lighting and design — problems that contributed to an accident

Every injury case is different. In many urban environments, an accident may have been caught on camera. When applicable, our firm can obtain and analyze the video footage of an accident in order to determine what happened. We can also obtain police reports that may provide clues regarding driver negligence.

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