The same features that make highways and freeways appealing also make them dangerous. High speeds, smooth lanes and long stretches can lull drivers into a false of sense of security. Adding in factors such as commercial trucks, rush hour traffic and road construction creates a recipe for serious or fatal crashes.

The personal injury lawyers of Monsees & Mayer, P.C., are well-equipped to handle car accidents on highways in Kansas City, Springfield and throughout Missouri and Kansas. We explore all complicating factors and sources of insurance to ensure our clients are compensated as fully as possible for severe injuries or a wrongful death.

Call us today if you or a family member was injured on the Interstate ( I-70, I-29, I-35, I-49, I-435), the Kansas Turnpike, or other highways such as U.S. 71, 24, 69 or 169.

Identifying Liable Parties In A Highway Crash

Highway accidents can be much more complex than a typical intersection collision. Based on years of experience and noteworthy recoveries in motor vehicle accidents, our attorneys may explore numerous avenues of compensation:

  • The driver who rear-ended or side-swiped you
  • Other drivers in a multi-vehicle pileup
  • Truck drivers and their employers
  • Government entities responsible for unsafe road design
  • Road construction contractors responsible for obstacles or signage
  • Manufacturers responsible for auto defects or non-crashworthiness
  • Uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) claims against your own insurance policy

Serious Accidents Require Serious Commitment

We also know how to build a case for damages that covers the long-range impact of catastrophic injuries common in highway accidents. We work with accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, economists and other professionals to present the strongest case, and we are prepared to go all the way to a jury to secure the compensation our clients need.

The law firm you choose to represent you can make a big difference. The more serious the injuries, the more important it is to hire experienced counsel and get the investigation started right away.

Call our Kansas City law office at 816-361-5555 or fill out our contact form, and we will respond soon. We offer a free consultation, and we welcome out-of-state victims injured while traveling the highways of Missouri or Kansas.