Many hunters hunt from elevated positions to have a better field of vision and to conceal themselves above wary game. When tree stands collapse and fail, major or catastrophic injuries frequently occur.

Big Game Tree Stands has announced a recall in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC has the power to order recalls and is a constant watchdog for failures of consumer products that present safety risks. About 12,000 units have been recalled.

Why is there a Recall on Big Game Tree Stands?

According to the CPSC, some cable assemblies on certain 2014 tree stand models may break during use. The main risk being a fall hazard to users. There has already been one user of Big Game Tree Stands that has fallen and experienced injuries to the knee, wrist, and hip due to the defective tree stand.

The three models that are affected by this recall are the The Outlook, The Cobalt, and The Fusion. Please visit CPSC to see if your specific tree stand has been recalled. You will need the “batch number” of your tree stand which is located on a small tag on the frame of the tree stand below the seat as well as on the box in which the tree stand was packaged. If you have a tree stand that has been recalled you should immediately stop use of the product and send it back to Big Game Tree Stands for replacement.

What is a Recall?

A recall is when a product that has been mass produced is deemed unsafe to use. The action is taken by the manufacturer, or the government, to protect consumers from the product that may cause injuries, or even death.

Some recalls direct consumers to throw out the product, while others offer to fix the defective part. In this case, Big Game asks for consumers to send in the defective tree stand for replacement cables.

An Attorney Can Answer Your Questions

Falls from tree stands can cause horrific injuries. You may have legal rights against the product manufacturer if you have sustained injuries from using the affected stand. Frequently, similar products have the same product defect and may elude action by the CPSC because of a technicality. If you have suffered any failure of a tree stand resulting in personal injury, you should consult with legal counsel. Even if your stand seems different than the ones affected in the Big Game recall, there may be legal action.

Many stands have product defects that have not been the subject of a product recall. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury as a result of a fall or a collapse of a tree stand, contact our attorneys today.