Most people are undoubtedly frustrated and scared when they hear about violent events such as the Orlando nightclub shooting. We have heard of shootings in schools, businesses and movie theaters. To some degree, these types of stories may cause some people to be scared to go to public venues and rightfully so. Thankfully, many amusement park owners understand this and are working to ramp up security.

Theme parks across the nation rack up a $250 million security bill each year. Spending on security is expected to rise by more than $100 million in the next few years. Establishments such as SeaWorld and Disney are increasing the presence of uniformed and plainclothes officers, buying more metal detectors and installing more cameras. They are hiring highly experienced personnel who may have worked for the CIA or FBI to head their security efforts.

Amusement parks hope to keep their patrons safe without scaring them. While these security measures may be costing businesses a hefty price, it is also their duty, to some extent, to keep their customers safe.

We have heard about lawsuits that resulted from individuals being injured in violent incidents in bars, sporting venues and concert halls. While some acts of violence are unforeseeable, others may have been avoidable if the proper security measures were in place.

Premises liability issues can come in many forms. Businesses in Kansas City and across our country have a duty to keep their patrons safe, whether it be keeping the floors clear of liquids so a customer does not fall or having security control a rowdy crowd at a concert.