alleged abuse at Agape Boarding School

In recent news, the alleged abuse at Agape Boarding School has been brought to light by way of two new lawsuits, bringing the total number of cases to four.

On August 6th, lawsuits were filed in Cedar County Circuit Court, where the school is being accused of negligence that led to physical and sexual abuse.

Like other religious boarding schools in rural Missouri, Agape Boarding School is not subject to the same guidelines that accredited schools in the state must follow. This makes the concealment of such heinous acts particularly easy in comparison to learning institutions with more oversight.

Oftentimes, the fact that these students are labelled as “troubled” makes it easier for the abusers to dismiss claims of abuse as attempts to get out of the reform school. Couple this with the fact that “troubled teens” could be considered dishonest by nature, and it makes proving such acts very difficult to less experienced counsel.

At Monsees & Mayer P.C., we have years of experience dealing with cases of abuse such as these, and our main goal will forever remain to seek justice for victims of these terrible acts.

Abuse of Children

Survivors of abuse, particularly at such a formative age, may spend the rest of their lives recovering from the lingering effects of what they survived. Alcoholism, drug additions, post-traumatic stress disorder, broken relationships and depression are all by-products of abuse, even when it is short-term. Providing survivors the means to obtain proper counseling and support, are the first priorities for building a foundation for surviving what are frequently life-long consequences.

Civil vs Criminal Proceedings

Criminal proceedings do little to truly help survivors regain footing in their lives. Criminal courts punish the perpetrators, but except in the rarest of circumstances, do little to compensate those who have suffered. By contrast, civil proceedings are the avenue for survivors to obtain the kind of compensation that will help them obtain all the appropriate care and counseling needed. With such counseling, the long-term effects can be addressed.

Otherwise, such overwhelming depression, guilt and anxiety may lead to broken marriages, further abuse and even loss of the ability to hold a job and earn an income. Compellingly, survivors of abuse, in the absence of proper attention, frequently become perpetrators themselves. Such is the trauma one suffers from the violation of abuse.

Know Where to Turn To For Help

Although a number of victims have already come forward, institutional cases such as this one are often widespread, affecting a large amount of people who lived in the abusive environment.

If you know of anyone who may have any information about this case, please encourage them to review our website where there is an abundance of information about abuse and what can be done. You may be able to help someone who has fallen victim to this perpetrator. If you have any questions, or want to speak with a lawyer, please contact our firm at 855-458-8854.

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