A serious personal injury accident changes your life. While you cannot go back in time and undo the damage, you do have options as you cope with the aftermath and move forward in life.

At Monsees & Mayer, P.C., we are here to protect your rights and help you make good decisions. We are committed to maximizing your compensation and guiding you through this difficult time.

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The Experience And Dedication To Get Results

Our lawyers have 60 years of combined experience representing individuals injured by the negligence of others. See examples of our notable case results or read more about the types of cases we handle:

Our firm is particularly attuned to the considerations in injuries to children, and we are well-equipped to ensure that victims of serious and catastrophic injuries receive the full compensation they will need to cover losses and adapt.

Establishing Liability And Damages

Our trial attorneys excel at identifying the responsible parties, including lawsuits against third parties who caused or contributed to accidents or allowed assaults or injuries to happen through their inaction or indifference.

We work closely with clients and medical providers to recover all elements of damages they are entitled to, including compensation for:

  • Medical care – Hospital bills, surgery and physical therapy, medications and medical equipment, nursing care, home modifications and other anticipated treatment
  • Lost income – Lost wages for time away from work and projected earnings and benefits for injury victims who are unable to return to their jobs
  • Disability or disfigurement – Loss of use of bodily functions, facial scarring and disfiguring injuries
  • Pain and suffering – Chronic pain, anxiety, depression and other physical, psychological and emotional effects
  • Loss of consortium – Loss of intimate relations with a spouse/partner due to disabling injuries
  • Property damage – Repairs to or replacement value of a wrecked vehicle (when we represent clients in an underlying injury case)

These damages can quickly add up, especially when the injuries are extensive or permanent. It is important to be represented by a law firm that is committed to your comprehensive needs and not merely looking for a fast settlement. We are prepared to go to trial to make the liable parties and their insurers pay full damages.

Crafting The Settlement To Reflect Your Situation

Our job is not done when we win money for you. We develop a game plan for how your personal injury proceeds will be received and distributed. A lump sum settlement may be appropriate, but many times we structure the settlement or award to provide a future stream of income, or to cover future medical care or job retraining. For example, if you are forced to retire early because of your personal injury, we help you connect with tax and investment professionals to make sound financial decisions with your settlement.

We will never just send you on your way and say “good luck.” Our firm is committed to assistance from the day you walk in the door through the conclusion of your case.

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