1. Improper Supervision Causes Death: We represented a mother of a man placed in a nursing home due to mental issues. The nursing home failed to properly supervise him and allowed him to leave the facility. The facility failed to notice he was missing for several hours. Verdict $3.35 million; Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri

2. Nursing Home Employee’s Abuse of Patient: Our client was severely injured in automobile accident and suffered a closed head injury. He was placed at the defendant’s facility to continue rehabilitation. While a patient, our client alleged that he was physically abused by an employee. We filed a lawsuit on his behalf alleging improper care and treatment, failing to remove an employee who was not qualified to render care and treatment to patients and negligent hiring in the first place. Confidential Settlement; Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri

3. Nursing Home Should Not Have Hired Employee Who Molested Patient: Our client was a teenage patient who was placed in health care facility due to mental and physical disabilities. While a resident, the young lady was allegedly molested by an employee. We filed a lawsuit against the health care facility for improper supervision of patient and negligence in the hiring of an employee who was not qualified to work at facility. Confidential Settlement; Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

4. Cerebral Palsy Patient Dies While Staff Sleeps: We represented parents of a young man found dead in a facility that specialized in caring for patients with cerebral palsy. We filed a wrongful death action against the facility for improper hiring and training of employees. Investigation uncovered alleged false documentation regarding medical treatment and staff sleeping while on duty. Confidential Settlement; Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri

5. Improper Location of Safety Pull Cord: We represented the family of a lady who died in an assisted living facility. Our client’s mother fell in her bathroom, but could not reach the emergency pull cord to call for help due to the cord being improperly tied up. Confidential Settlement; Springfield, Greene County, Missouri

6. Nursing Home Fails to Conduct Safety Checks: We represented the family of an elderly man who died in the middle of the night when his oxygen supply was cut off due to faulty equipment. Additionally, improper supervision by the nurses led to delayed treatment. Confidential settlement prior to lawsuit being filed; Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri

7. Improper Patient Supervision Results in Asphyxiation: We represented the family of an elderly lady who lived in a nursing home. She was found dead in her bed with a plastic bag over her face. We filed a lawsuit against the nursing home for improper supervision of another patient who allegedly placed the bag on the decedent. Confidential Settlement; Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

8. Pressure Sores Cause Death of Resident: Our client’s mother was admitted to a nursing home and determined to be at high risk to develop pressure sores. The nursing home failed to properly turn her every two hours and failed to properly keep her hydrated, leading to the development of pressure sores causing her death. Confidential Settlement; Leawood, Johnson County, Kansas

9. Improper Supervision Leads to Fatal Fall: Our client’s father was determined to be at high risk for falls. Nursing home failed to properly supervise resident and failed to properly implement safety devices to prevent falls. Confidential settlement.

10. Improper Care For High Risk Patient Breaks Arm: We represented an elderly lady who suffered a broken arm and severe contusions to her face as a result of a fall out of her bed. We filed a lawsuit alleging the nursing home failed to provide her a proper care plan, failed to follow orders regarding precautions for patients who are at a high risk for falls and failed to report the incident to proper state and/or federal agencies. Confidential Settlement; Strafford, Greene County, Missouri

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