1. Rental Car Company Liable For Unknown Driver’s Negligence: Our client was severely injured in an automobile accident by a car owned by Enterprise Leasing. The driver of the Enterprise vehicle fled the scene and could not be identified. Plaintiff brought suit against the person who rented the vehicle from Enterprise and obtained a $1,000,000 judgment. We then brought a garnishment action against Enterprise to collect the judgment. Our client ultimately prevailed and a judgment of $1,000,000, plus interest was entered against Enterprise; Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

2. Denied Insurance Claim: Young man with growth deficiency was denied health benefits to receive human growth hormone. Insurance company claimed he did not meet all the requirements set forth in the policy for such treatment. In response, it was demonstrated that the criteria were contrary to conventional medical literature and knowledge for diagnosis of growth deficiency. In addition, the language of the policy was confusing and ambiguous, and in such situations, the insurance policy language must be construed against the insurance company. Judgement granting insurance coverage with an additional settlement that included compensation to pay the young man’s legal fees; Johnson County, Kansas

3. Trucker’s Contractor Protection Plan Pays More Than Its Policy Limits: Commercial vehicles, particularly semi-tractors and trailers can cause extensive damage and serious injury in a vehicular accident. But professional truck drivers can also be the victims of the negligence of other drivers, both automobiles and trucks. We have represented a number of truck drivers in liability claims against the other drivers, including claims for uninsured coverage under their own policy, and contractual claims against their employer or insurance companies that sell accident, disability and medical plans. One such plan, the oxymoronic Contractor Protection Plan denied coverage to a driver under dispatch when he was paralyzed while being driven by an acquaintance back to his truck because he was intoxicated. The court held that as long as he was under dispatch, coverage existed and the intoxication exclusion did not apply unless he was driving at the time. At trial, we more than doubled the $300,000 policy limit of his Contractor Protection Plan because the insurance company vexatiously refused to pay this claim to this traumatically injured professional driver;  Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

4. Lead Poisoning In Children Caused by Paint: We have represented several small children who suffered from lead poisoning as a result of ingesting lead paint or inhaling its dust in their older homes. As a result of city ordinances and other claims we were able to recover compensation for the kids which allowed their parents to obtain treatment for their illness and help them catch up to their peers in school and otherwise. Typically, the landlord’s insurance provided coverage for these difficult to discern, but very real injuries.

5. Garnishment against Insurance Company results in 1.68 million recovery: We represented the mother of an 18 year old young man who was shot and killed at a night club. The insurance company denied coverage for the claim. After obtaining a judgment against the night club, we filed a garnishment against the insurance company. The Missouri Court of Appeals found coverage and the case was settled for 1.68 million dollars; St Louis, Missouri

6. Home Invasion: While family was vacationing near the east coast, neighborhood kids gained access to house through garage door code. Upon entering the house, over the course of many days, the house was vandalized, and valuable paintings, furniture and other belongings were destroyed, damaged or violated. Dispute focused on degree of damages and whether access to the home had been with knowledge or tacit consent of one young family member. Confidential Settlement; Johnson County, Kansas

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