1. Skid Loader Caused Brain Injury: An equipment operator was crushed, suffering severe brain injuries, when the arms of his miniature skid loader pinned him against the loaders roll cage. Safety lockout devices designed to prevent inadvertent operation of the loaders arms were defective and had been recalled by the manufacturer. A service company had neglected to properly adjust the lockout devices, contributing to the accident. The victim lingered in a near-vegetative state for nearly two years before he passed away. The case was settled for $6,000,000; St Louis, Missouri

2. Detonators Explode into Pervasive Traumatic Injuries: Imagine waking up in a hospital bed but not knowing where you are because you can no longer see. Imagine reaching out to touch someone, something, anything, but not really feeling it because you no longer have any fingers. Imagine a ringing in your ears so intense that it prevents you from clearly hearing anything going on around you. Imagine calling out for help only to find that you have lost the power of speech because of a traumatic stroke. Cant imagine it? Neither could we until we met our client, and our friend. He was in the center of an explosion of many extremely sensitive and highly powered scrap detonators shipped to his employer for waste disposal. The company that made them tried to save a few dollars on their disposal cost by mislabeling and mispackaging the shipment and throwing in a few things it did not tell anyone about. Our client’s employer did not properly inspect the shipment, had not previously incinerated military detonators and had no procedures in place for doing so. The responsible party’s settlement will take care of our clients financial needs for the rest of their lives; Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri

3. Short Fall Fractures Ankle and Life: An ironworker fell 20 feet and severely fractured his ankle at a construction site when a defective ladder erected by a subcontractor fell as the worker was descending from a catwalk. The defendant claimed the fault was entirely that of the ironworker in failing to determine if the ladder was properly secured. A jury returned a verdict of $1,000,000.

4. Press Without Palm Controls Amputates Fingers: Mechanical power presses are fitted by their owners with a variety of dies that customize the press for a particular use. Our client lost several fingers in the press, which was not equipped with dual palm controls as recommended by industry standards. Such controls insure that hands and fingers are completely removed from the point of operation when the machine is cycling. A jury verdict of $400,000 was obtained for the client; Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas

5. Press With Improperly Positioned Palm Controls Amputates Hand: A helicopter pilot moved to southern Missouri but could not find any work, except in casket factory running a punch press. Metal stampings often became stuck in this press and had to be cleared by the operator. When our client leaned in to dislodge a stamping his shoulder inadvertently contacted the buttons. The press cycled and neatly removed all of the fingers on both hands, leaving only his two thumbs. Since our client would never fly a helicopter again, he turned this tragedy into an opportunity and went back to school. Confidential Settlement.

6. Stuck Conveyor Without Emergency Shut Off Amputates Legs: Both legs were amputated after a worker at a recycling facility stepped onto a conveyor belt that tore. The conveyor had no emergency shut off and was designed in such a way that items consistently became caught in the sides of the system. Stuck items required manual extraction, which was what our client was attempting to do when he was injured. After suffering severe crushing and degloving injuries to his legs, the client required amputation of both legs below the knees. Confidential Settlement; Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas

7. Insecure Machine Tips Causing Burns: A large machine designed to extract hot iron rods from an electric furnace in a steel factory tipped and pinned a maintenance worker, resulting in severe burns to the mans upper body. The machine lacked a device, which would have prevented its collapse during routine maintenance. Confidential Settlement; Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

8. Bad Weld Causes Broken Leg: A defective weld on a torque converter broke during the testing of a dynamometer running at 4000 rpm which was being installed by our client. A metal fragment about the size of a large marble fractured his femur because there were no guards in place to prevent debris from hitting the operator or bystanders. While the manufacturer of the dynamometer was immune because it employed our client, we were able to make a recovery against the company that made the defective torque converter in the amount of $200,000.

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