1. Drunk Bus Driver Injuries Diabetic: We represented a diabetic individual with below the knee leg amputations, which required that he be transported to a health center for daily treatment. While in transport to the hospital, the defendant’s driver ran off the road several times after failing to properly secure his patient. The accident reopened the incisions on his knees, which eventually healed, but also injured his fingers, several of which had to be amputated. After investigation into the matter, our client brought a lawsuit against the transportation company alleging that the driver had been drinking at the time of the accident and had a history of alcohol related problems. Confidential settlement; Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas

2. Bad Tire Requires Defensive Driving: Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff when he was forced to slam the truck he was driving into a highway guard rail after a cement truck in front of him blew a tire and turned over. After investigation, the plaintiff alleged that the cement company failed to properly inspect their vehicles on a regular basis and that the tire that exploded on the cement truck should have been changed before it caused this accident. Confidential settlement; Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri

3. Company Liable for Employees Negligence: A newspapers vehicle crossed in front of our client’s vehicle to deliver a circular resulting in a collision, which broke both of his legs. After arguing over whether the delivery person was its employee or an independent contractor, the publishing company paid to settle the claim against it and the driver.Confidential Settlement.

4. Angry Driver Injures Passenger: Road rage resulted in a significant one-car collision severely injuring the driver’s passenger, our client. Facial scarring and a leg fracture resulted in an out-of-court settlement of $285,000.

5. Failure to Yield Right of Way: A husband and wife were traveling in their minivan on a two-lane highway in rural Missouri when an elderly man turned left in front of them. After looking at a number of potential claims against third parties we determined that the only viable case was against the other driver. We quickly settled on behalf of our clients for insurance policy limits of $200,000.

6. Dump truck driver with defective brakes unable to stop: Our clients were children that were seat belted in the backseat of their mother’s minivan. As their mother pulled into the intersection, the dump truck which was driving at an excessive speed and with defective brakes was unable to stop and collided with the side of the minivan, critically injuring the children and their mother. After investigation into this matter, it was determined that the dump truck’s brakes were faulty and that the hauling company which had employed the dump truck driver had failed to conduct any investigation into the driver’s extensive driving record or the defective condition of the leased dump truck. Severe facial reconstruction and scarring, as well as additional injuries resulted in an out-of-court settlement of $444,000; Olathe, Johnson County, Missouri

7. ATV Collision: Young woman suffered a severely fracture leg when the ATV on which she was a passenger collided with another parked ATV. The ATV was operated at a high rate of speed and the operator failed to keep a careful lookout for parked vehicles or other obstructions. Injured client was an avid athlete, who was unable to complete her high school years participating in the sports she loved. $300,000 settlement; Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri

8.  Bus Rollover: Tour bus transporting crew members of major pop music artist, lost control of the bus at a high rate of speed, struck other vehicles, and rolled over injuring most of the passengers. Client-crew member suffered a disabling back injury that prevented his continuing work in the field of personal fitness and training. Confidential Settlement; Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

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