Pedestrians accounted for 73 out of a total 757 vehicular fatalities in the state of Missouri in 2013.

It is a fact that Kansas City pedestrians are far more vulnerable to serious injury or even death when involved in accidents than are their counterparts in motor vehicles. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one pedestrian is injured every seven minutes and one pedestrian is killed every two hours in the United States.

In a story published by, the Chief Medical Officer at the University of Kansas Hospital stated that they generally have at least one pedestrian accident victim in the hospital at any given time. In the same article, information was provided on a pedestrian who was struck by a passenger vehicle on a Saturday night in Kansas City. The accident occurred near 47th Boulevard and Emanuel Cleaver Boulevard. The victim sustained life-threatening injuries. There were no details given about any potential charges filed against the driver.

What happens to pedestrians when hit by vehicles?

The circumstances of a pedestrian-automobile accident will vary from those of another. This logically creates a wide range of what can happen to a pedestrian in these situations. However, the bottom line is that the pedestrian will fare worse than a person in a vehicle.

A team at Texas A&M Engineering Extensions Service has developed a class for police and others who may be involved in accident reconstructions. As noted by the Houston Chronicle, during this class participants are shown a video that demonstrates what can happen to a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. The initial hit of a bumper makes the crash test dummy’s knees buckle before the body then rises and the face hits the windshield. After that, the dummy continues over the top of the vehicle and one shoe even comes off in the process.

How many pedestrians are killed in Missouri?

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association shows that in 2013, there were 757 traffic fatalities in Missouri. Of those, 73 were pedestrians. St. Louis County posted the most number of traffic fatalities with 14 with Jackson County close behind with 12 pedestrian deaths. In St. Louis County, 11 pedestrians were killed that year.

Between Clay, Cass and Platte Counties, another five pedestrians lost their lives after being hit by motor vehicles.

What should pedestrians do?

Anytime that a pedestrian is injured help should be sought immediately. Medical attention is the first priority but after that, talking to an attorney should be the next step to help receive appropriate compensation.

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