Kansas City parents know how important safety is when it comes to their children. It is natural for new parents to worry about the potential harm caused by certain products.

Even “overprotective” parents would normally not worry about the harm basic items such as strollers and cribs can cause. However, a disturbing trend of recalls of baby products has been reported recently.

In 2010, approximately 81,700 children under age 5 needed treatment at an emergency room due to injuries from defective or dangerous baby products. This is a 5.6 percent increase from 2009.

In one example, around 4 million Bumbo baby seats were recently recalled due to numerous reports of injuries, including skull fractures. Bumbo seats are intended to assist babies with sitting upright before they are able to on their own.

A majority of the injuries occurred while the Bumbo baby seat was placed on a raised surface. Although the Bumbo came with warning labels on the back, another warning label was placed on the front in 2008 after initial reports of injuries. Since the recent recall of the product, consumers are advised to stop using it until a repair kit is installed.

Another product recently recalled is a popular baby bather. The wire frame on the item detaches from the side hinges, which causes a baby to fall if a parent is lifting or carrying the baby in the bather.

Several brands of strollers have also been recalled, mainly due to fall hazards. Front wheels on certain brands of strollers have broken, causing babies to fall. Other strollers are not secure enough. This causes an unharnessed child to fall beneath the front seat and tray, potentially resulting in strangulation.f

Similar issues exist with high chairs. There are reports of children’s fingers slipping through openings, causing bruising or lacerations. At other times trays on high chairs detach unexpectedly, causing the child to fall.

Some products are even facing recalls due to issues with their minor components. Knobs on the xylophone of an activity center were recently recalled because they detached too easily, posing a choking hazard.

Fortunately, new government regulations are attempting to improve the quality standards of these baby items. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 requires toys and baby products to pass a series of tests before being sold to consumers.

A serious injury to their child is often parents’ worst nightmare. Companies who manufacture defective baby products may potentially be held liable for those injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide assistance with receiving any available compensation.