Big Game Treestands is a company that makes all types of hunting systems from ground blinds to Treestands. Recently, Big Game recalled three of its major treestand models due to a safety hazard in the cables that suspend the stand in the tree. According to the recall, some cable assemblies on certain 2014 treestand models may break during use causing a fall hazard to users. There has already been one user of Big Game Treestands that has fallen and experienced injuries to the knee, wrist, and hip due to the defective treestand.

The three models that are affected by this recall are the “The Outlook,” “The Cobalt,” and “The Fusion.” Please visit the website below to see if your specific treestand has been recalled. You will need the “batch number” of your treestand which is located on a small tag on the frame of the treestand below the seat as well as on the box in which the treestand was packaged. If you have a treestand that has been recalled you should immediately stop use of the product and send it back to Big Game Treestands for replacement.

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