800-Pound Boulder Falls Off Truck, Killing Two

800 Pound Boulder kills two people

800-Pound Boulder Falls Off Truck, Killing Two

One man’s negligence resulted in the death of a mother and daughter in St. Paul, Minnesota, when an 800-pound boulder rolled off the back of his landscaping truck and struck their car. Police arrested Joe Czeck, 33, for the incident after using surveillance footage to identify him. He did not stop at the scene.

The police chief charged with investigating the accident, Mitchell Scott, concluded that “It’s evident to us that it was not secured in the back of the vehicle. It’s very traumatic for the families. We don’t see this type of accident every day.”

How This Happened

While this may have been an accident, it never should have happened. Most often times, we find that employees fail to follow company rules designed to prevent this type of accident. This includes employees cutting corners on federal and state regulations that require them to do pre-trip inspections. Luckily, in most states a legal doctrine known as “respondeat superior” forces companies to take responsibility for the actions or inactions of their employees.

The team at Monsees & Mayer has a track record of success in cases where an individual negligently fails to check and secure its load. In 2017, we represented the family of a man who was killed by an improperly secured, flying tire. Our attorneys obtained a $2.1 million settlement for them. For more information and similar results click here.


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